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Vintage Wallpaper and Wall Coverings

Easily achieve old-school wallpaper effects with Create A Wall’s digital wall coverings.

Have you ever felt you were living in the wrong decade? We’ve seen a pop-cultural revival in recent years of decorative styles from times past, vintage is very much back in Vogue.

Take a trip back in time with our stunning range of vintage wallpaper designs. Take your pick of furnishing styles ranging from ‘Georgian’ and ‘Art Deco’ through to ‘Victorian’ and ‘Art Nouveau’. Classical elegant styles that bring a touch of old world sophistication to the present day.

Create A Wall uses DIY-friendly HP Wallpaper and Traditional style pasted wall covering, take your pick. You can find out more about the easy to remove and safety approved materials here.

You can make a selection from our range of vintage wallpaper in the gallery below and embark on journey through time.




Looking for more options? Jump on our online HP design tool to access over 104 million images and patterns – all available for your use. You can create your own one-of-a-kind vintage wallpaper design by uploading your own images.



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