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Tropical Wallpaper and Wall Coverings

Transporting your living space to the tropics is a breeze with Create A Wall.


Dreaming of escaping to a hammock by the ocean? Float away on a fragrant breeze with our range of tropical wallpaper designs – the perfect way to invite the inspiring colour and tranquillity of the tropics into your home. Colourful and laidback, the trend for tropical home furnishings looks set to stick around, so why not embrace it? Think exotic flowers and fruits, palm leaves, birds and more.

Create A Wall prints your chosen design on either our DIY Removable HP Wallpaper or select from our textured Professional Range of wall covering. Learn more about these DIY-friendly, safe and professional materials here.

Plunge into our gallery below to find the perfect design for bringing summer holiday vibes to your space.




Want more options? Use our online HP design tool to reimagine your own images as one-of-a-kind tropical wallpaper – the perfect use for those dreamy holiday snaps! You’ll also have full access to our library of over 104 million images and patterns, so the sky’s the limit.



Need a hand?

Let us guide you through the process. Call our friendly team on (03) 9532 3232, or use our contact form below.

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