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How To Achieve An Industrial Look For Your Home

From gritty urban accents to stripped-back minimalist chic, it’s easy to see why the industrial look remains a desirable style choice for modern homes. The good news is that you don’t need inbuilt industrial features to achieve this look, nor do you have to install them – with a bit of imagination, you can easily create the illusion of textural materials such as brick, concrete, wood and metal.

Make it a Feature

A great place to start is with a statement feature wall. Exposed brickwork is an on-trend look that’s classic enough to blend with your existing furnishings. You can achieve this effect with a faux brick wallpaper – see our collection ranging from weathered to whitewashed. If you’re feeling daring and want to push the urban feel to the max, give our graffiti styles a look.

From your chosen wall covering, you can work back to include other nods to the theme. Keep an eye out for light fittings, shelves and accessories made from industrial materials to accent your feature wall. Alternatively, keep it minimal and let the wall speak for itself. The great thing about this look is that there are few rules, and breaking them is all part of the fun.

Faux Real

Achieving your exposed brick effect through a wall covering has some nifty advantages over real industrial brickwork. Although solid and durable, brick is a porous material that can become a haven for dust and dirt particles (a particular problem in older industrial buildings converted into dwellings), as well as insects.

Get Started Today

Ready to start creating your very own industrial style feature wall? Contact us for help with finding the perfect design for your space, or use our online tool to create your own design.

In addition, using a pre-pasted removable wallpaper makes for a DIY-friendly room makeover. Our wallpapers are easy to apply, non-toxic and fully removable, so you can change your home’s look whenever the mood strikes.

See some of our favourite picks below to help you achieve a modern industrial look in your home with minimal fuss!

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