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Digital Wallpaper and Wall Coverings

Create A Wall makes it easy to transform a blank wall into an impressive artwork in a flash.

Create A Wall uses cutting edge technology in digital printing to let you create stunning feature walls quickly and easily. Whether for home or business, we’re your go-to for custom, digitally printed wall murals, Australia-wide. Our products are designed especially for DIY decorators, so you can make a splash without making a fuss.

You can select your design from our extensive gallery of wall murals. For a more personalised creation, use our online HP design tool to reimagine your own photographs or artworks as one-of-a-kind mural wallpaper, and get full access to our library of over 104 million images and patterns.

You can begin creating fabulous wall murals online right now. To get started, choose one of the options below.




Can’t find what you’re looking for? Our online HP design tool lets you reimagine your own images as one-of-a-kind digital wallpaper. It also provides access to over 104 million images and patterns for you to play with.


Our Materials

Create A Wall prints on two different materials, each with their own properties. We can assist you in choosing the one that best suits your needs.
More detailed info is available here.

HP Wallpaper (Pre-Pasted + PVC-Free)

We print our mural wallpaper on a material called HP Wallpaper. This economical do-it-yourself wallpaper solution comes pre-pasted, so there’s no need for traditional adhesives. And because it’s PVC-free, it’s safe for you and your family.
Read our installation guide here.

Fabric Self-Adhesive Wall Coverings

Our self-adhesive mural wall coverings are printed on Australia’s market leading self-adhesive fabric, PhotoTex. It is applied with a simple peel and stick technique and works on a wide variety of surfaces. Find installation instructions here.


Got Questions?

You can phone us on (03) 9532 3232 or fill in our contact form below.
We’re here to help you create your decorative masterpiece with the best wall covering and wallpaper murals Australia has to offer.

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